Uncut Rough Diamonds and AU Gold Broker


    AFITS Consulting Services is a direct rough uncut & Kimberley Certified Diamond and AU Gold Broker representing local small scale Miners  in Sierra Leone Western African seeking Buyers by providing direct access to  high value conflict free diamonds and AU Gold.

By buying direct from us, we are able to provide economically viable deals to fully qualified rough uncut diamond buyers located in the USA or World Wide. AFITS Consulting Services ensures complete diamond transactional security by providing full care, custody and control during the entire rough diamond transaction process.


    The rough uncut Diamonds/AU Gold can be purchase via bank to bank transactions based upon FOB (cash & carry) or CIF purchasing procedures. All potential buyer(s) are strongly advice to come with his/her Gemologist or representative to come and see the goods, test and valued before negotiation.  All business transaction would be in held in Freetown-Sierra Leone, where the stones will be valued by an independent valuator or Buyer provides valuator/Gemologist.


  For further inquires please kindly give us a call today at 617 245 0515 or send us an email to info@afits.net.